The Best Way to Remove Fluoride and Pesticides from Tap Water

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One of our readers asked about a Fluoride Water Filter. She also wanted this filter to remove pesticides.

“I’m trying to upgrade from our Pur faucet mount and want to remove fluoride from our water with a new filter. But your app [Pure Living Space Water Filter Selector App] is pointing me to reverse osmosis, which I’ve read wastes a ton of water, so I’d like to find an alternative. We’re in farm country, so I want to be sure our filter takes out pesticides. Undersink is preferable, but we’ll do counter if it seems a better choice. I’m also interested in seeing the costs for replacement filters and how many gallons they’re good for. Thanks for your help! S.S.”

Best Way to Remove Fluoride & Pesticides from Drinking Water

Here’s our response about how to find and select the best fluoride water filter.

As you probably know, Fluoride is among a group of contaminants that is difficult to remove. Most water filters do not remove Fluoride. In fact, most water filters, especially the name brand water pitchers, only remove a handful of contaminants. If you want to drink the cleanest water, you need to look beyond the big box store brands.

Let’s take a look at several good options to remove fluoride and pesticides.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Carbon Water Filter System

Your first option is the Aquasana Reverse Osmosis & Carbon Filter system. A carbon filter alone will not remove fluoride and some other tough to remove contaminants, so you need the RO filter as well. We use this Aquasana system in our home. It’s one of the few that has three NSF certifications.

You may have read on our website that we only recommend water filters that have been tested by a certified third-party lab. This RO and Carbon Water Filter System passes that test with high marks. Remember to always read and compare the test results because even certified water filters perform at different levels.

The Aquasana RO system’s performance is impressive in terms of the % of contaminants removed, especially the % of fluoride it reduces. It compares favorably to other systems that may only reduce 50-70%. See the test results for this Aquasana water filter system.

It’s true that an RO system does waste some water, the equivalent of a couple of extra toilet flushes a day. The other concern many people raise is that an RO system strips out the good water minerals. However, with the Aquasana RO system, it has an added feature that remineralizes your water making that issue less of a concern to most people.

The annual cost of maintaining the RO system averages $177.

Propur Container Filters Remove Fluoride

Since you’re concerned about wasted water, you could choose one of the Propur container filters. These containers sit on your counter top. Just like a water filter pitcher, you fill the container with water and let gravity pull the water through the filter. The Propur container filters come in a variety of sizes from the Propur Water Pitcher Filter to the Propur Stainless Steel Water Filter Containers that range from 55 oz. to 4 gallons.

This is the only proven gravity filter we found that removes fluoride. Although Propur doesn’t have NSF certification, Propur’s filters were tested by a certified lab. They share their results on their site–not all water filter manufacturers choose to publish their test results. See the test results for the Propur Water Filter Containers.

We use the water filter pitcher when we travel and at the office. The only drawback is that it is slow! On the other hand, it’s removing as many contaminants as an RO/Carbon Filter, so it’s all a trade-off.

The other nice feature is that the Propur filter does not strip out healthy water minerals. Each filter lasts up to 6 months, so the annual filter cost is $80.

Propur ProMax Counter Top & Under Counter Water Filters Remove Fluoride – NEW Products!

Recently, Propur released an advanced filter that removes Fluoride and over 200 other contaminants. And, this filter exceeds expectations. It makes the RO and carbon filter systems obsolete.

The Propur ProMax Counter Top Water Filter attaches to any standard faucet without a pull-out sprayer. The Propur ProMax Under Counter Water Filter system installs under the counter taking up a fraction of the space that an RO system would occupy. The filter does not waste water, does not need electricity, and does not remove healthy water minerals.

These water filters reduce/remove a broad range of over 200 contaminants including VOCs, lead, fluoride, heavy metals, pesticides, SVCs, disinfectants, inorganic non-metallics, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, PFOA, PFOS, and micro-organisms.

Tested by a certified third-party lab to meet NSF 42, NSF 53, and NSF P231 standards. See the third-party lab results on this Propur ProMax Water Filter System.

The filters last about 9 months depending on usage, so the annual filter cost is $80.

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How to Know if You’re Buying the Best Water Filter

How to Know if You're Buying the Best Water Filter 

Find the Best Water Filter

You’d like to buy the best water filter, but you’ve got concerns. So many things could go wrong. You could buy an inferior product or pay too much.

You also have questions. Which type of filter should you choose? And, once you’ve chosen the type, which brand performs the best?

You’ve visited so many sites. It’s unclear whose advice you can trust. When you read the fine print, you realize that many water filter manufacturers create sites that look like independent sites, but are really biased.

It’s no wonder their brand seems to come out on top in the side-by-side reviews!

So, how do you know if you’re buying the best water filter?

You first decide which type of filter is right for you based on your needs. You might want something portable or you might want to remove fluoride or radium. Not all filter types remove all contaminants.

Then you need to find water filters that have been independently tested and certified by a trusted party. And, finally, you need to read the trusted third-party testing results so you can compare performance. For example, one filter might remove 50% of arsenic, and another might remove 99% of arsenic. You’d probably prefer to buy the one that performs at the 99% level.

But wait, that’s a lot of work, right?

Well, we’ve already done that work for you. We built a simple app that you can use to select the right type of filter. And, then we found all the water filters that were tested and certified by independent third-party testers.

Why is testing important? Many water filter manufacturers make claims of being the best, but not all take the next step to prove their filter’s performance. If a manufacturer really believes in their product, they get it tested and certified by NSF. And, they make those test results available on their website for your review. If their product is not tested and performance results aren’t available, you’ve got to ask yourself why.

Next, we read all the performance reports and selected the top performers. Finally, we looked at pricing and selected the best values according to three-year cost of ownership!

What does that mean for you? You don’t have to worry. You know you’ve selected the best performing and best value water filter for you!

Time to get started.

Three Steps to Picking the Right Water Filter System

It’s easy. All you have to do is:

  • Read a few paragraphs (one down, only a couple more to go)
  • Answer a few simple questions
  • Make your product choice

1.  Start by asking yourself these questions:

  • Do you want a portable or installed water filter? If you’re moving soon or renting, you may want to consider portability.
  • Do you have a standard, non-pull out faucet in the room where you want your water filter? If you have a pull-out sprayer, your faucet is non-standard.
  • Do you need instant gratification or are you OK waiting for a gravity filter? A gravity filter simply means that you wait for gravity to pull the water through the filter. Pitchers and containers are gravity filters.
  • Are you OK with installing under your sink? You’ll need space under your sink and maybe a plumber. How much space? A reverse osmosis system will take up roughly half of your under sink space while the under counter systems without reverse osmosis need roughly a quarter of your space. It’s not a big job for the plumber so plan on one hour to two hours at most.
  • Do you want to remove the most contaminants possible including Arsenic, Fluoride, Nitrate and Nitrite, Barium, Selenium, and Radium? These contaminants are typically the hardest to remove.

2.  Next, use our Water Filter Selector App to find which type of water filter is right for you. It takes only minutes and will help you decide what type of water filter to buy – reverse osmosis with carbon water filter, under counter carbon water filter, counter top water filter, faucet water filter or water pitcher filter.

Start here.

How to Select a Water Filter - Use our App!


Done? Great, now you know which type of water filter you need.


3.  Finally, Choose Your Brand & Buy One!

Why Buy From Pure Living Space?

Pure Living Space offers excellent customer service and honest, unbiased product reviews. Our products are hand-picked based on product research and third-party testing results. We only pick the best. You have our guarantee.

See why this high-tech brand of water pitchers and containers from the US-based company Propur comes so highly recommended. These pitcher and container water filters are so effective, they remove fluoride and other hard to remove contaminants. Find out more about these outstanding pitchers and why they remove 10 times more contaminants than the big brands.

Austin Springs and WaterChef counter top water filters are both excellent choices. Portable, highly effective, certified to remove 50+ contaminants. See why the Austin Springs and WaterChef filters are so highly recommended. Both carry the important NSF certifications so you know you’re getting the cleanest water. The Austin Springs’ counter top water filter is an especially good value at today’s sale price of $59.99.

Austin Springs and WaterChef under counter water filters tested the best of all the under counter filters certified. See why the Austin Springs and WaterChef filters are an excellent choice. Austin Springs is an especially good value at the current sales price of $99.99 or 50% off the regular price of $199.99.

Aquasana’s reverse osmosis under counter water filter is in a class by itself. No other reverse osmosis and carbon filter system has three certifications, so you can trust it’s delivering clean water to your tap. It has a 4 stage filtration process and removes fluoride and other hard to remove contaminants. Learn more.

Have questions? Contact us. We’ve help many people select the best water filters.

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